Booyah!! Blogarama!

Wow I finally did it. After much urging from friends and colleagues; welcome to the kosher sales blog.

Why “kosher” sales? Unfortunately there have been many salespeople that have gone about their profession in an “unkosher” way. This has made our customers (ANYBODY) weary of our kind.

Real sales, successful sales are done through relationships, and relationships don’t last without trust. Just go ask….well nowadays I could use anyone in the corporate world. I will be posting periodically columns I have written to my sales teams over the years, and adding new ideas and suggestions.

Bottom line is this: I am just like you; I don’t write self help books (yet..), I am not on a speaking tour (yet..) and I Definitely do not considered this my source of income. It’s a passion, and the best way one can learn is by teaching so off we go. BUT before I do go, I leave you with this brainstorm found in a barbershop:

“The things I do right no one remembers, and the things I do wrong no one forgets.” – Anonymous




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