Momentum Selling

Momentum Selling – Selling On A High Brings You More Sales. Momentum Selling Is the Purest and Most Successful Kind


Momentum is defined as drive, energy, motion.

Have you ever bumped into someone who turned out to be the exact type of customer you spend weeks trying to get a meeting with? How did it feel? Did it get you go from  0 – 60 mph in 0.3 seconds? How about finally getting that purchase order you have been working on for months with your “Whale Account” ; What a sensation! What a rush! What Satisfaction!


Now imagine using that feeling, that rush with your juices flowing,
blood pumping, confidence oozing 
enthusiasm and channel it into more sales? Think about if at that moment you would call those top 10 “hard to reach contacts” you have yet to get an appointment with. I would bet more easily on you getting an appointment with 20% of those hard to get to prospects, than the Miami Marlins baseball club setting a new record for consecutive sell outs!

Use that momentum from just closing the sale, that peak of enthusiasm where you feel unstoppable and on top of the world; feed off of that burst of energy and adrenaline and make those calls – let those contacts hear the REAL you, let them feel that energy in your voice, that musical charisma.


Momentum Selling is riding that pinnacle moment and funneling it  right into another form of sales/prospecting. My first employment was with New Horizons Learning Center of Miami when they first opened their doors in South Florida. Every Monday morning at 7am the sales team was expected to be in the training room eyes wide open and bushy tailed. To be frank it was more like a pep rally just without the sports team. The meetings consistently began with us watching some scenes of movies such as Braveheart, Rocky and  Animal House; using those parts that got your blood boiling (in a good way). Topics such as customer retention, follow up, cold calling statistics and the like followed. Each meeting ended with another caption from a movie such as Jerry McGuire; “Help me – help you! Help me….help YOU!” And a few minutes of jumping jacks concluded it all.


Now as much as I hated leaving my house at 615am to make it to the office in time, looking back at it years later I was able to see the method to all the madness. Mondays and Tuesdays were the top days for our sales department, and I am darn near certain Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise had something to do with it.




Do you have a favorite song or artist/band that gets you pumped up? The Black Eyed Peas “Let’s get it started”, Foreigner’s “Eye of the Tiger”, or Queens classic “We will rock you” gets crowds out of their seats at any event. Before you turn off the ignition in your parked car at your next appointment, crank up your tune, and get jiggy with it. It takes a few minutes but your heart rate will increase and you get your game face on; I call that “momentum selling pregame.” Just like athletes stretch it out, take batting practice, go to the driving range etc… doing this gives you energy and confidence, and that is even before the meeting!


Now can you picture yourself using that adrenalin “post sale” and bringing that with you to your next meeting, presentation, or phone call?? That is another stratosphere of selling. That is MOMENTUM SELLING! Let’s bring it down to a more personal level. One of your children has been studying for their Algebra test for weeks. It is a subject he or she hates with a passion (who doesn’t) and is not their strongest subject. But they want to get that elusive “A” in the dreaded Algebra. They take practice tests, multiple questions and intense study conclude and finally the day comes and they pick up their pencil and begin.

Now you are at home anxiously waiting for them to return home and are biting whatever fingernails are left. This is your child we are talking about, you only want them to succeed, to give them the best from everything this world has to offer. The door opens and you quickly find something to look busy and unassuming. Your child walks in and sheepishly says “hi” (when you have teenagers you will learn how much this hi really means….). Ummmm “how did it go?” you ask. “I did pretty good” is the response as your child takes out the folded test and hands it to you. You can almost feel the set up and you catch the smirk on their face as you begin to unfold it to reveal a 98%! WHAT?!?! Euphoria and fireworks are going off in the house. You are laughing and crying, they are jumping up and down……this is a pinnacle moment. Now you take you teenager as a reward to Krispy Kreme to celebrate this accomplishment. Still on that high you use the opportunity to have a real conversation with them.

You start shooting the breeze with them, discover that when their teenage guard is down you are able to have a great mature and insightful conversation with them. You ask them things that normally would generate a response in nothing more than a sigh and a grunt. “What do you think you would like to do as a profession in the future?” “What do you really enjoy doing doing” “Why don’t you like talking to your sister?” On some level you are now using the method of momentum selling. You are taking the peak moment of euphoria of your child’s success (even better than your own) and using it to get into the elusive circle of a teenage mind, heart, and soul. Selling doesn’t only happen with salespeople. A teacher sells ideas and theories to their students, a doctor their diagnosis to their patients, a husband to his wife (like why he “needs” to golfing), and a manager to his employees. With your child in this instance you have channeled the shared energy and enthusiasm into one the biggest sales of your life… connected with your child. Now what contract is comparable to that?

Momentum Selling…is selling in the purest form.


“Success comes in CANS, not CAN’TS”


3 thoughts on “Momentum Selling

  1. I happen to stumble upon this blog and I surely hope you post your other insights. It makes sense and I will be attempting to use your theory this week on the road.

    I will report back – thanks! Dave

  2. This works plain and simple. After locking up a pretty good sale last week I was riding high on the freeway and then remembered – momentum! I quickly gathered 5 names of hard to get to prospects I have been after. Of the 4 names I was able to get through to I made appointments for this week with 3 of them. One of them was this morning and We are opening a new account!

    Again – thanks!


  3. Dave:

    I am very glad you were successful in momentum selling, it makes creating this blog well worth the effort just for that sale.

    I wish you much further success.

    P.S. – btw what field are you in?

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