If you have ever been a part of sales team, you definitely have had your sales manager ask if you followed up on the big account/potential customer. You WON’T hear “Kevin were you persistent with the Peterson account?” Following up after a meeting, or sales call is no different than you making sure your child makes their bed. You follow up like most parents 2, 4, 6 times before you end up doing it on your own. However if you think of it as being persistent it is a new outlook and should be a new result.

Whoever calls up a customer and says, “Hey April it’s John Deere here following up after our meeting, have you had a chance to look it over any further?” – whoever does that should be taken out to the desert, stripped to his undies and be left to fend for them self. Have you ever gotten a response from a customer saying, “John! Why yes I have reviewed it and we already to give you the business!” EVER??? No that never happens and you know why? Because if they DID review and were ready to move forward they would have called YOU.

As a sales professional I send out a quote of the day to numerous groups of contacts I have in my network. I can honestly say real dollars have been made by doing this. How? Or why do I do this? In the following scenario you tell me which of the two salespeople do you think will be getting the business:

Revving Motors Co. makes the motors for the cars that give us all headaches when the light turns green, they patented the perfect muffler as well to even cause migraines. Salesman A calls or stops by once a month to drop off his company’s catalog of oil and part products. Very friendly guy and pleasing to deal with. Salesman B does the same thing but he brings up to the owner that the Chicago Bears were lucky to get a new quarterback (being observant…..previous article.) and also drops off his catalog. Salesman B also sends a inspirational quote on a daily basis to the owner, and even mentions the owners name now and them in the email blast. Now the day comes that the current provider of parts for their engine goes chapter 11 and they are need of a supplier right away because they just got a huge order from a fraternity in Miami. The owner has both catalogs of salespeople on his desk and they basically look the same. Who do you think he is MOST likely to call first? If you said B great you are getting it, if you said A then for your sake and every other salesperson on this earth, please go to college and become an accountant.

If you are always in front of the customer unobtrusively or always on t heir mind you will be the one to get the first call and maybe even prevent them from getting another bid altogether. This is just another form of persistence.


If you make sure on the same day, every week for as long as it takes; to the prospect they WILL respect your persistence. Follow up is just annoying. However this can only be accomplished with a proper contact management system and everyone works differently, however the next article will be just that – managing your contacts,time, income, and your life.


When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.




Or….just be persistent.




  1. Simple but practical. I hate calling and using the “follow up” saying, it never works.

    But what if you are being persistent, on and on and on and still get nowhere. I sell books to stores for a publisher but some places are just not open to letting me in.

  2. Lily,

    Q. What is exactly happening when you go in? Are you just waving hello or are you catching up with a conversation you last had the last time you were there? What’s you REASON you are returning, more importantly what do THEY think the reason is?

    You to have create a reason other than trying to get an order for stopping by. Perhaps a promotional item to leave with them, a sample of one of your newest books, or even coffee and doughnuts if they like that kind of thing. how about sponsoring an event in their store and having an e-vite sent out insuring you h ave the right people attending?

    You need to be able to have some kind of rapport so you both on the same wave length.

  3. Hey Ko! Crazy thing happened, well in a good way. I brought in a book that is new that I love and left it in an envelope with a short note and my card for the manager who was not at her store. I got a call back yesterday that she wants to sell the book after reading the first 10 pages and asked for other recommendations. Never even thought of doing that.

    I brought in a box from starbucks to another store and we ended up chatting for 45 minutes about everything. Now I have a freind. Next step a customer!

    Keep em coming. PLEASE!

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