Teamwork – Build Morale, Pride, Sales and Good Quality Service.


“It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” – John Wooden

teamworkI recently was shared information on a company that went through a situation  that could have easily been a disaster. Changes were coming and everyone on staff felt it in the air.

Change in any orginization is difficult and uneasy. Whether it is employees, procedures, policies, location, even if the change is for good, initially it is met with anxiety. Having a team-like attitude in the office softens the blow of change company wide.  Having a group of employees that care for another and back each other up is what every manager should dream of.

How does one build a “team atmosphere”? How do you get employees to care about their work and the company they perform for?

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More – Think about that for a second. If the front desk who answers phones, personally walks a guest to the executive he has an appointment with; she or he is taking a vested interest to make sure the company and their counterparts are treated properly. If you have such employees already, KEEP THEM, because they are not easy to find.

But how do you promote this concept when much of the workforce today is only interested in a paycheck?

Make it THEIR company. I am not talking about giving them shares, but talking them about “our” company. Involve them in decision making whether or not you use their input. Another idea that should be viewed really as an investment; reward employees for things that they are not being paid to do or does not fall under their job responsibilit, but do it anyway and our not aware of you noticing it.

Jumping in and picking up the phone even if they are in accounting to help out. Picking garbage off the floor even though you have a janitor. Making sure the coffee is brewed, or even spending a few minutes after hours to make sure the task gets done are all examples of what we as managers take for granted.

Send a nice memo thanking them on company or your personal stationary letting them know you notice those gestures and believe they a big part of “our” company. Now and then give them monetary and unexpected rewards such as gift cards, or sponsor lunch for the day.

If you want your employees to do the little things, YOU need to be doing the little things for them. This is the thought proccess that will make you, your employee, and your company stand out.

teamwork 2

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. – Henry Ford


3 thoughts on “Teamwork – Build Morale, Pride, Sales and Good Quality Service.

  1. I found this off of Twitter from a freind. Nothing crazy with free offers, seems like your site is exactly what you describe it to be. Simple, trustworthy advice and tips for the everyday salesperson and manager.

    I manage a group of sales reps that sell office supplies (as vague as I can be) both locally and nationally. They are constantly at each others throats, very territorial and protective of their customer accounts. We have faired pretty well considering the economy but the bickering is out of hand. I get more emails of negative tone than any other kind currently.

    If you had to give me one peice of advice or suggestion, what would it be?


    – Frustrated in Fresno, CA.

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