There are still good people in this world

With all the hate that’s going on in the world today it’s nice to know there are still good people in this planet.

Let me share with you the last 2 hours of my day. I left for Orlando this morning for a business conference put on by @Loral Langmiers and her @liveoutloud  orginization. It is billed as the Ultimate Millionaires Summit and has people from all over the world attending. By no means should you think that I am a millionaire (yet), nonetheless the conference was opening for the first time to 100 invitees to attend and luckingly I won a free invite through @facebook. With the likes of @HarringtonKevin


speaking and the founder of the Angel Investors Network there,  this was going to be better than Disney World. 

Things got off smoothly on @SilverAirways and after the taxi was estimated to be 75 bucks,  I opened up my @Uber app and got my ride on for $41.75. But let me retract.


About a month ago I was put on crutches due to cartilage damage in my right knee. It was the reason I didn’t drive and had to fly. I arranged ahead of time wheelchairs to be available for me when I got to the airport after I arrived in Orlando. There was some great people both in fort lauderdale airport that pushed me along as well as the staff of @SilverAirways.

After getting my bags and being wheeled out to the arrivals section I waited with my baggage for my @Uber driver Mike to pick me up. My bags were brought into the car and off we went. Once we arrived at the location of the conference I noticed that my black backpack was missing. Inside was everything.  My laptop,  my chargers,  notebooks,  folders from work,  all my business cards, religious article from my father,  my glasses, and my passport. I practically fainted on the spot. These are items essential to my conference attendence, but items that can never be replaced.  Items that have sentimental value.  The bag never made it to the car.  My driver in his effort to get me to my hotel efficiently, and his effort to help me on crutches to his car erroneously left it on the handles of the wheelchair.  I immediately called the land Orlando airport and got transferred to the lost and found. There was a voicemail! I left a message a frantic one at best. I called back again,  and begged for someone to help. Orlando airport apparently has a police station on the premises and I was transferred. With the help of the wonderful police officer the bag was still on the wheelchair exactly where it was left.


Little did I know while I was registering at the hotel the driver was in tears and called his wife and they prayed together for me to find my bag. Moments later I received a call from the police that they have located the bag and will be leaving it for me to pick it up from the lost and found. Mike my @Uber driver took me back to the airport and  tried taking a shorter route thinking that there would be less traffic to get me there quicker.

Upon arrival at  lost and found I located the bag right away and almost broke down. I thanked the ladies behind the counter and told them they made my trip. I am currently on my way back to the hotel to check into my room and then shortly after register for the #umsummit14.

I want @Uber to know they have real people working for them. The #orlando police department have caring officers.  What started out as potentially a huge disaster has made everything else secondary.

Miracles to happen, and nice people do exsist.


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